Toward a 21st-century school library media program / edited by Esther Rosenfeld, David V. Loertscher.

A collection of articles written by leading experts in the school library field that explain how school teachers, librarians, and administrators can work together to improve library services and meet the needs of all students.

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Other Authors: Rosenfeld, Esther, 1946-, Loertscher, David V., 1940-
Format: Book
Published: Lanham, Md. : [Spring, Tex.] : Scarecrow Press ; Hi Willow Research and Pub., 2007.
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245 0 0 |a Toward a 21st-century school library media program /  |c edited by Esther Rosenfeld, David V. Loertscher. 
246 3 |a Toward a twenty-first century school library media program 
264 1 |a Lanham, Md. :  |b Scarecrow Press ;  |a [Spring, Tex.] :  |b Hi Willow Research and Pub.,  |c 2007. 
300 |a viii, 434 pages :  |b illustrations ;  |c 28 cm 
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504 |a Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0 0 |g pt. I.  |t Learning Leadership: Collaboration --  |g 1.  |t Building Teaching Partnerships: The Art of Collaboration /  |r Karen Muronaga and Violet Harada --  |g 2.  |t America's Most Wanted: Teachers Who Collaborate /  |r Carol Brown --  |g 3.  |t Teacher and Teacher-Librarian Collaboration: Moving Toward Integration /  |r Patricia Montiel-Overall --  |g 4.  |t From Fixed to Flexible: Making the Journey /  |r Joyce Needham --  |g 5.  |t What Works: Gauging the Impact of Teacher and Teacher-Librarian Collaboration /  |r David Loertscher --  |g 6.  |t Do Your Collaboration Homework /  |r Gail Bush --  |g 7.  |t What Works: Collaborative Program Planning and Teaching /  |r Ken Haycock --  |g 8.  |t What Works: Collaboration Among School Specialists /  |r Ken Haycock --  |g 9.  |t What Works: Building Collaborative Learning Communities /  |r Ken Haycock --  |g pt. II.  |t Learning Leadership: Curriculum Design and Assessment --  |g 10.  |t What Flavor Is Your School Library? The Teacher-Librarian as Learning Leader /  |r David Loertscher --  |g 11.  |t Assignments Worth the Effort: Questions Are Key /  |r Carol Koechlin and Sandi Zwaan --  |g 12.  |t Beyond the Bird Unit /  |r Jennifer Robins --  |g 13.  |t Focus on Understanding /  |r Carol Koechlin and Sandi Zwaan --  |g 14.  |t Working Smarter: Being Strategic About Assessment and Accountability /  |r Violet Harada --  |g 15.  |t Demystifying the Evaluation Process for Parents: Rubrics for Marking Student Research Projects /  |r Joan Shaw --  |g pt. III.  |t Learning Leadership: Technology Integration --  |g 16.  |t You Know You're a 21st-century Teacher-Librarian If ... /  |r Joyce Valenza --  |g 17.  |t Digital School Library: A Worldwide Development and a Fascinating Challenge /  |r David Loertscher --  |g 18.  |t Components of Successful Technologies /  |r Steven M. Baule --  |g 19.  |t End of the Teacher-Librarian /  |r James E. Herring --  |g 20.  |t Something Wiki This Way Comes ... Are You Ready? /  |r Joyce Valenza --  |g 21.  |t InfoTech: An Info-Skills Workout: Wikis and CollaborativeWriting /  |r Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson --  |g 22.  |t Literacy Links: Wikis and Student Writing /  |r Keith McPherson --  |g 23.  |t Literacy Links: Wikis and Literacy Development /  |r Keith McPherson --  |g 24.  |t Beyond Wikipedia /  |r Doug Achterman --  |g 25.  |t Literacy Links: School Library Blogging /  |r Keith McPherson --  |g 26.  |t Literacy Links: New Online Technologies for New Literacy Instruction /  |r Keith McPherson --  |g 27.  |t InfoTech: Podcasting in the School Library, Part 1: Integrating Podcasts and Vodcasts Into Teaching and Learning /  |r Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson --  |g 28.  |t InfoTech: Podcasting in the School Library, Part 2: Creating Powerful Podcasts With Your Students /  |r Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson --  |g 29.  |t Info Tech: Want to Be My Friend? What You Need to Know About Social Technologies /  |r Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson --  |g 30.  |t Open the Door and Let 'Em In /  |r Joyce Valenza --  |g 31.  |t Info Tech: Flash: Engaging Learners Through Animation, Interaction, and Multimedia /  |r Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson --  |g 32.  |t Personal Computing: Keeping Up With RSS /  |r Reid Goldsborough --  |g 33.  |t Info Tech: Turn Up the Music With Digital Technologies /  |r Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson --  |g 34.  |t Info Tech: Open-Source Software in School Libraries /  |r Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson --  |g pt. IV.  |t Learning Leadership: 21st-century Skills --  |g 35.  |t Graduating Students Who Are Not Only Learned But Also Learners /  |r Jean Donham --  |g 36.  |t Skills for the Knowledge Worker /  |r Doug Johnson --  |g 37.  |t They Might Be Gurus /  |r Joyce Valenza --  |g 38.  |t Generation Z Connection: Teaching Information Literacy to the Newest Net Generation /  |r Caroline Geck --  |g 39.  |t Analyzing Student Search Strategies: Making a Case for Integrating Information Literacy Skills Into the Curriculum /  |r Thomas J. Scott and Michael K. O'Sullivan --  |g 40.  |t Critical Literacy: A Building Block Toward the Information Literate School Community /  |r Linda Langford --  |g 41.  |t Literacy Links: Supporting Comprehensive Literacy Instruction in Your School: Guiding the Inclusion of Information Literacy /  |r Marlene Asselin --  |g 42.  |t Literacy Links: Online Information Literacy: Moving From the Familiar to the New /  |r Keith McPherson --  |g pt. V.  |t Learning Leadership: Literacy and Reading --  |g 43.  |t Teacher-Librarian as Literacy Leader /  |r Michael Cart --  |g 44.  |t Literacy Links: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Motivation /  |r Keith McPherson --  |g 45.  |t Mrs. Travis's Traveling Library: A Teacher-Librarian's Attempt to Gather Data About Reading Aloud to Students /  |r Leslie Travis --  |g 46.  |t Challenging the Gender Divide: Improving Literacy for All /  |r Les Parsons --  |g 47.  |t Overcoming the Obstacle Course: A Look at Teenage Boys and Reading /  |r Patrick Jones and Dawn Cartwright Fiorelli --  |g 48.  |t Where the Boys Are /  |r Allison Haupt --  |g 49.  |t Boy Books, Girl Books: Should We Reorganize Our School Library Collections? /  |r Ray Doiron --  |g 50.  |t Going Beyond the Debate: Using Technology and Instruction for a Balanced Reading Program /  |r Valerie Grenawalt --  |g 51.  |t Technology Meets Literature: Meeting Authors Through Their Blogs /  |r Teri Lesesne --  |g 52.  |t Literacy Links: New Literacies: Toward a Renewed Role of School Libraries /  |r Marlene Asselin --  |g 53.  |t Literacy Links: Dramatic School Library Literacy Programs /  |r Keith McPherson --  |g 54.  |t Literacy Links: Visual Literacy and School Libraries /  |r Keith McPherson --  |g pt. VI.  |t Learning Leadership: Partnerships --  |g 55.  |t Why Should Principals Promote School Libraries? /  |r Gary Hartzell --  |g 56.  |t Moving the Fence: Engaging Your Principal in Your School Library Program /  |r Diane Gallagher-Hayashi --  |g 57.  |t Administrator's Perspective: Helping Leaders to Learn: Teaching Principals About School Libraries /  |r Maria W. McGhee --  |g 58.  |t Developing the Respect and Support of School Administrators /  |r Diane Oberg --  |g 59.  |t Beyond the Frontline: Activating New Partnerships in Support of School Libraries /  |r Ray Doiron --  |g 60.  |t Strategy: Working With Your School Board Members /  |r Carol-Anne Hutchinson --  |g 61.  |t Catch Them (Preservice Teachers) While You Can! /  |r Audrey Church --  |g pt. VII.  |t Learning Leadership: Issues and Management --  |g 62.  |t Seven Most Critical Challenges That Face Our Profession /  |r Doug Johnson --  |g 63.  |t Using Data in the School Library /  |r Mary Jo Langhorne --  |g 64.  |t Using Focus Group Interviews to Improve Library Services for Youth /  |r Sandra Hughes-Hassell and Kay Bishop --  |g 65.  |t Marketing Reflections: Advocacy in Action /  |r Gail Bush and Merrilee Andersen Kwielford --  |g 66.  |t Are Libraries (and Librarians) Heading Toward Extinction? /  |r Doug Johnson --  |g 67.  |t How One Child Learns: The Teacher-Librarian as Evidence-Based Practitioner /  |r Gail Dickinson --  |g 68.  |t Bringing Vision to Practice: Planning and Provisioning the New Library Resource Center /  |r Lisa Wilson --  |g 69.  |t School Library Accessibility: The Role of Assistive Technology /  |r Janet Hopkins --  |g 70.  |t Corey's Story /  |r Barbara Braxton --  |g 71.  |t School Library as Sanctuary /  |r Lynn Evarts --  |g 72.  |t Safe Haven: Libraries as Safe Havens for Teens /  |r Gail Bush. 
520 |a A collection of articles written by leading experts in the school library field that explain how school teachers, librarians, and administrators can work together to improve library services and meet the needs of all students. 
650 0 |a School libraries.  |0 sh 85118345  
650 0 |a Instructional materials centers.  |0 sh 85066753  
650 0 |a Teacher-librarians.  |0 sh 85132949  
700 1 |a Rosenfeld, Esther,  |d 1946-  |0 n 2007055217 
700 1 |a Loertscher, David V.,  |d 1940-  |0 n 86813510  
776 0 8 |i Online version:  |t Toward a 21st-century school library media program.  |d Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press ; [Spring, TX] : Hi Willow Research and Pub., 2007  |w (OCoLC)608406954 
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