School library journal's best : a reader for children's, young adult & school librarians / edited by Lillian N. Gerhardt ; compiled by Marilyn L. Miller & Thomas W. Downen.

A selection of articles published in "School Library Journal," magazine between 1954 and 1995, discussing a variety of issues of importance to children's, young adult, and school librarians.

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Other Authors: Gerhardt, Lillian N., Miller, Marilyn L. 1930-, Downen, Thomas W.
Format: Book
Published: New York : Neal-Schuman Publishers, c1997.
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245 0 0 |a School library journal's best :  |b a reader for children's, young adult & school librarians /  |c edited by Lillian N. Gerhardt ; compiled by Marilyn L. Miller & Thomas W. Downen. 
260 |a New York :  |b Neal-Schuman Publishers,  |c c1997. 
300 |a vii, 474 p. :  |b ill. ;  |c 28 cm. 
504 |a Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 2 0 |t Foreword /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Time of Growth The Early Years at SLJ /  |r Margaret Saul Melcher --  |t Spring for Selection /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Complacent Cliches /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Blush for Dr. Bell /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Selection "Guidelines" (Note Quotes) /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Moonshine /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Moonshine: Second Run /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Teeth for the "Professionally Nameless" /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t How to Show the Queen /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Reluctant Market /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Sulking to Oblivion /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t "Take Her Up Tenderly..." /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Dumb/Stupid Question /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Henny-Penny Lives /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Brooding on Billboards /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t What's in a Name? Think About It /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Talking About ESEA /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Frances Henne -- Standard Bearer 1906-1985 /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Appetite for Ignorance /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Ethical Back Talk /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Ethical Back Talk: I /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Ethical Back Talk: II /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Ethical Back Talk: III /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Ethical Back Talk: IV /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Quotable Quotes --  |t School Library Project 2000 /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Philistines in the Inner City /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Choosing vs. Begging /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Not for Publication /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Marching on the Information Highway /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t CashSpeak /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Big Names & Small Books /  |r Lillian Gerhardt --  |t Dream Come True A Guest Editorial /  |r Mary V. Gaver --  |t Shock -- Past, Present, Future /  |r Regina Minudri --  |t You Need Good Libraries to Teach Reading Today /  |r Nancy Larrick --  |t What NDEA Has Done for School Libraries /  |r Mary V. Gaver --  |t Essence of Learning /  |r Louis Shores --  |t Timing the Young Barbarian /  |r Margaret Edwards --  |t Underway: The Knapp Project's First Year /  |r Peggy Sullivan --  |t In Full Swing /  |r Peggy Sullivan --  |t "The First Work of These Times" Statement from the Library Services Branch U.S. Office of Education --  |t Revolution in Our Schools /  |r John Fogarty --  |t School Library: An Intellectual Force? /  |r Mary V. Gaver --  |t If That Don't Do No Good, That Won't Do No Harm /  |r Sheila Egoff --  |t Children's Services in a Time of Change /  |r Pauline Wilson --  |t Information Services in Central Children's Libraries /  |r Mae M. Benne --  |t School Library as the "Principal Locus" of Freedom of Inquiry /  |r Eli M. Oboler --  |t School Library Media Programs & Free Inquiry Learning /  |r Daniel Callison --  |t Performance Standards for SLM Centers: Taking the Initiative /  |r Peggy Sullivan --  |t Cognitive Development and Students' Research /  |r Carol Collier Kuhlthau --  |t Saying It Louder /  |r Dorothy Butler --  |t Vision of Librarianship /  |r F. William Summers --  |t Kids Need Libraries: School and Public Libraries Preparing the Youth of Today for the World of Tomorrow /  |r Virginia H. Mathews, Judith G. Flum and Karen A. Whitney --  |t What's in a Name? /  |r Caroline Shepard --  |t What Literature? /  |r Michael Cart --  |t Plight of the Native American /  |r Rey Mickinock --  |t Equals or Enemies /  |r Lillian L. Shapiro --  |t "There are no other children" /  |r Eliza T. Dresang --  |t Tomorrow's Scholars: Patterns of Facilities Use /  |r Jacqueline C. Mancall and M. Carl Drott --  |t Hispanics in the U.S.: Implications for Library Service /  |r Esther Dyer and Concha Robertson-Kozan --  |t Early Childhood Centers: Three Models /  |r Ellin Greene --  |t Home Schoolers: A Forgotten Clientele? /  |r Jane A. Avner --  |t Shining Stars: Public Library Service to Children in Shelters /  |r Pam Carlson --  |t "It's the Best Thing in the World!" Rural Children Talk About Reading /  |r Constance A. Mellon --  |t Reaching Out to Gay Teens /  |r Carolyn Caywood --  |t Young Adults Deserve the Best: Competencies for Librarians Serving Youth --  |t Media Specialists and the Quest for Lifelong Learning /  |r Carolyn Cain --  |t Remarkable Women Anne Carroll Moore & Company /  |r Margaret K. McElderry --  |t Shared Responsibility /  |r Barbara N. Kupetz --  |t Fair Accompli /  |r Sharon A. Ahern --  |t Eroticism and the Art of Film /  |r G. William Jones --  |t Crisis Information Services to Youth A Lesson for Libraries? /  |r Carolyn Forsman --  |t Africana: Folklore Collections for Children /  |r Gertrude B. Herman --  |t Children's Books in Translation: facts and beliefs /  |r Mary Orvig --  |t Up for Discussion: From Jane to Germaine, With Love /  |r Regina Minudri --  |t Books for the Young Disabled Readers /  |r Evelyn Goss Altemus --  |t Toys and Games -- "The First Reading Tool" /  |r Edythe O. Cawthorne --  |t Assorted Thoughts on Creative Authors and Artists /  |r Ursula Nordstrom --  |t Collecting Local History /  |r Esther Perica --  |t Extending School Programs Via Community Resource Files /  |r Juanell S. Marks --  |t Are we selecting for a generation of Skeptics /  |r Kay E. Vandergrift --  |t Pleasure Principle: Where Is It in Kids' Art Books? /  |r Shirley M. Wilton --  |t Acquiring Foreign Children's Books /  |r Lucretia M. Harrison --  |t It's Not Just a Game /  |r Margaret Tassia --  |t Sing Me A Story /  |r Helen Gregory --  |t Networking and School Library Media Programs /  |r David R. Bender --  |t Reading, Imagination, and Television /  |r Dorothy G. Singer --  |t Porter PL Makes the Cable TV Connection /  |r Kathy Wendling --  |t Cupboard is Bare: The Need to Expand Poetry Collections /  |r Jeanne McLain Harms and Lucille J. Lettow --  |t Visual Literacy & Children's Book: An Integrated Approach /  |r David M. Considine --  |t Sharing and Preserving Family Stories /  |r Cynthia K. Dobrez --  |t Reading Lifelines /  |r Hazel Rochman --  |t Technostress: Technology's Toll /  |r Sandra Champion --  |t Roadmap for Librarians /  |r Marlyn Kemper --  |t Mass Market Books: Their Place in the Library /  |r Barbara A. Genco --  |t Future Tense: Science Fiction Confronts the New Science /  |r Janice Antczak --  |t Juggling Popularity and Quality /  |r Barbara A. Genco, Eleanor K. MacDonald and Betsy Hearne --  |t Gay Information: Out of the Closet /  |r Douglas Eric Anderson --  |t CD-ROM and At-Risk Students /  |r Roxanne Baxter Mendrinos --  |t History Comes Alive The American Memory Project /  |r F. K. Rottmann --  |t Reading Images: Videos in the Library and Classroom /  |r Kay E. Vandergrift and Jane Anne Hannigan --  |t Periodicals by Fax: A Houston Experience /  |r Dorcas Hand and Barbara Weathers --  |t Bring the Museum to the Media Center /  |r Beth Blenz-Clucas --  |t Tunneling Through the Internet /  |r Carolyn Caywood --  |t Delicate Balance /  |r Bruce Flanders --  |t State Educational Agencies: Roles & Functions /  |r David R. Bender --  |t P.P. & P.R. two keys to circulation success /  |r Marcia Posner --  |t Booktalking /  |r Mary K. Chelton --  |t Planning Problem-Free Book Fairs /  |r Carol Kline --  |t Piscataway's Puppet Program /  |r Lynn S. Hunter --  |t Effective School Visits -- A Guide /  |r Elizabeth Huntoon --  |t Steps to Cooperative YA Programming /  |r Fontayne Holmes and Carol Baldwin --  |t Sure-fire LMC Reports /  |r Patricia Howland --  |t Distance Education: Removing Barriers to Knowledge /  |r Daniel D. Barron --  |t Learning at Home /  |r Susan B. Madden --  |t Send Your Books on Vacation /  |r Virginia Miehe --  |t "An Unusual Contribution" The Work of 1993 Grolier Award Winner Mike Printz /  |r Roger Sutton --  |t Role Play: A Complicated Game /  |r Carolyn Caywood --  |t Media and the Message /  |r David M. Considine --  |t Images of Information in a 21st Century High School /  |r Kim Carter --  |t Responsive Reference Service /  |r Charles A. Bunge --  |t Power to Grow /  |r Michael Sadowski --  |t Flexible Access: Foundation for Student Achievement /  |r Mary D. Lankford --  |t Censors and Their Tactics /  |r Jack Nelson --  |t Clear and Present Danger: the books -- or the censors? /  |r Harry Bach --  |t Sexuality in Books for Children /  |r Barbara Wersba and Josette Frank --  |t Black English /  |r June Jordan --  |t Book Reviews: Before & After /  |r Zena Bailey Sutherland --  |t Volunteers? Yes! /  |r Elfrieda McCauley --  |t Still Playing It Safe: Restricted Realism in Teen Novels /  |r Jane Abramson --  |t Any Writer Who Follows Anyone Else's Guidelines Ought to be in Advertising /  |r Nat Hentoff --  |t Out of Patience -- Indefinitely /  |r Audrey B. Eaglen --  |t Deja Vu from the Bridge /  |r Peggy Sullivan 
520 |a A selection of articles published in "School Library Journal," magazine between 1954 and 1995, discussing a variety of issues of importance to children's, young adult, and school librarians. 
650 0 |a School libraries  |z United States. 
650 0 |a Children's libraries  |z United States. 
650 0 |a Young adults' libraries  |z United States. 
700 1 |a Gerhardt, Lillian N. 
700 1 |a Miller, Marilyn L.  |q (Marilyn Lea),  |d 1930- 
700 1 |a Downen, Thomas W. 
730 0 |a School library journal. 
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