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Department Course Number Course Instructor Section Items
Art ART 247 Art, Women, and the Italian Renaissance Hanni, Margaret A. Boston 1
Art ART 247 Art, Women, and the Italian Renaissance Sloutsky, Lana Boston 9
Art ART 248 Women and Art Hole, Heather Boston 2
Art ART 249 History of Photography Brown, Leslie Boston 3
Art ART 249 History of Photography Hanni, Margaret Boston 5
Art ART 250 Survey of Islamic Arts Cloutier-Blazzard, Kimberlee Boston 18
Art ART 256 Approaches to Contemporary Photography Bresler, Edith Online 3
Art ART 263 Buddhist World Art Cloutier-Blazzard, Kimberlee Boston 11
Africana Studies AST 101 Introduction to Africana Studies Thomas, Dawna Boston 9
Africana Studies AST 211 Urban Medical Communities Ward, Janie Boston 2
Africana Studies AST 232 Race, Gender and Health Thomas, Dawna Boston 10
Africana Studies AST 249 Inequality: Race, Class, and Gender in Comparative Settings Adjepong, Anima Boston 4
Africana Studies AST 275 Soul, Funk, and Civil Rights Ward, Janie Boston 7
Africana Studies AST 336 Black Narratives Of Oppression Resistance And Resiliency Perry, Theresa Boston 53
Africana Studies AST 365 Intimate Family Violence Thomas, Dawna Boston 4
Behavior Analysis BEHV 430 Legal and Ethical Issues SHARED Boston 1
Biology BIOL 104 Introduction To Environmental Science Aguilera, Anna Boston 9
Biology BIOL 104 Environmental Science Quintana, Ester Boston 2
Biology BIOL 113 General Biology Aguilera, Anna Boston 5
Biology BIOL 113 General Biology Mittelstadt, Megan Boston 5