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Department Course Number Course Instructor Section Items
Honors HON 101 First-Year Seminar Daren Graves Boston 2
Honors HON 101 First-Year Seminar Biewener, Carole Boston 1
Honors HON 101 First-Year Seminar: Global Cli-Fi Hager, Kelly Boston 8
Honors HON 101 Black Transnationalism: The Americas Sullivan, Frances Boston 1
Honors HON 102 Economics of Educational Inequality Aoki, Masato Boston 3
Honors HON 103 Where Art and Science Meet: Personal Reflections on The Health Care Experience Grossman, Diane Boston 1
Honors HON 214 Encountering South Asia Puri, Jyoti Boston 9
Honors HON 312 Soul, Funk, and Civil Rights Ward, Janie Boston 4