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Department Course Number Course Instructor Section Items
Public Health Online MHEO 440 Health Policy and Change Chanyasulkit, Chris Online 2
Public Health Online MHEO 450 Environmental Health & Justice Osiecki, Kristin Online 1
Public Health Online MHEO 485 GIS & Spatial Analysis Osiecki, Kristin Online 5
Public Health Online MHEO 487 GIS II: Spatial Analysis and Investigating Health Inequities Kristin Osiecki Online 2
Public Health Online MHEO 488 Health Law & Human Rights Haynes, Leigh Online 3
Public Policy MPP 501 Policy Analysis and Theory Aaron Rosenthal Online 2
Master of Science in Management MSMG 408 Strategic Management and Marketing Shahbari, Areen Online 1
Nursing Online NURP 675 Quality Improvement in Health Care Ponte, Patricia Online 1
Nursing NURS 229 Nursing Health Promotion Greenberg, Hallie Online 3
Nursing NURS DOTSON Dotson Bridge and Mentoring Program Christian, Ladonna Online 5
Nursing NURS MCAS Medication Calculation and Administration Safety Competency Christian, Ladonna Online 1
Nutrition NUTR 237 The Practice of Community Nutrition Pojednic, Rachel Online 1
Nutrition NUTR 452 Nutrition Programming and Assessment Isom, Kellene Online 2
Nutrition NUTR 452 Nutrition Programming and Assessment Isom, Kellene Online 2
Nutrition NUTR 461 Exercise Assessment and Prescription Pojednic, Rachele Online 1
Nutrition NUTR 489 Nutrition Proposal Development Metallinos-Katsaras, Elizabeth Online 2
School of Nursing & Health Sciences SNHS 429 Holistic Healthcare Costello, Margaret Online 4
Special Needs Education SPND 412 Inclusion, Consultation, and Collaboration for Meaningful Access to Curriculum Campbell, Susan Online 1
Social Work SW 403 Social Policy and Social Work in Organizations and Communities SHARED Online 2
Social Work SW 478 Social Work Practice in Healthcare Dimitri, Noelle Online 1