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Department Course Number Course Instructor Section Items
Communications COMM 222 Animation White, Bob Boston 1
Communications COMM 239 Documentary Photography Bresler- Edie Boston 14
Communications COMM 240 Intermediate Graphic Design I: Typography Aronson, Judith Boston 140
Communications COMM 244 Web I: Design for the World Wide Web Groves, Dane Boston 2
Communications COMM 248 Intermediate Graphic Design II: Type and Image Aronson, Judith Boston 144
Communications COMM 260 Journalism Moura, Erica Boston 1
Communications COMM 262 Media Convergence Erickson, Kris Boston 1
Communications COMM 281 Writing for Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communications Porter, Andrew Boston 6
Communications COMM 312 Health Communications Rachel Gans-Boriskin Boston 6
Communications COMM 320 Media and the First Amendment Gans-Boriskin, Rachel Boston 4
Communications COMM 327 Culture of the News Gans-Boriskin, Rachel Boston 9
Communications COMM 340 Advanced Design Aronson, Judith Boston 7
Communications COMM 344 Senior Seminar: Storytelling Gans-Boriskin, Rachel Boston 4
Computer Science CS 112 Introduction to Computer Science Veilleux, Nanette Boston 2
Computer Science CS 113 GUI and Event Driven Programming Veilleux, Nanette Boston 1
Computer Science CS 224 Data Visualization Parr, Jessica Boston 6
Computer Science CS 225 Health Informatics Gaumer, Gary Boston 1
Computer Science CS 227 Computer Networks Tis, Bruce Boston 2
Computer Science CS 232 Data Structures and Algorithms Stubbs, Amber Boston 3
Computer Science CS 321 Web-Centric Computing and Web Technologies Menzin, Margaret Boston 6