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Department Course Number Course Instructor Section Items
English ENGL 211 From Alice to Eeyore Hager, Kelly Boston 2
English ENGL 221 The Critical Lens: Introduction to Film and Media Theory Martino, Briana Boston 23
English ENGL 223 New Literary Topics Golden, Audrey Boston 7
English ENGL 230 Postcolonial Film Golden, Audrey Boston 33
English ENGL 243 The English Novel through Austen Bromberg, Pamela Boston 1
English ENGL 254 The English Novel from Victorians to Moderns Hager, Kelly Boston 8
English ENGL 304 Problems in Romantic Literature: The Romantic Rebel Bromberg, Pamela Boston 5
English ENGL 306 Victorian Literature and Culture Hager, Kelly Boston 16
English ENGL 307 Jane Austen and Her Contemporaries Bromberg, Pamela Boston 10
English ENGL 312 Classic American Writers Bergland, Renee Boston 13
English ENGL 317 Toni Morrison and American Literature George, Sheldon Boston 17
English ENGL 320 American Women's Poetry Bergland, Renee Boston 6
English ENGL 327 Race and Gender in Psychoanalytic Discourse George, Sheldon Boston 3
English ENGL 354 Studies in Film Genre: Melodrama Leonard, Suzanne Boston 17
English ENGL 390 Seminar in Literary Scholarship Bergland, Renee Boston 19
English ENGL 390 Seminar in Literary Scholarship SHARED Boston 28
English ENGL 390 Seminar in Literary Scholarship Fash, Lydia Boston 4
English ENGL 398 Feminist Media Studies Leonard, Suzanne Boston 27
English ENGL 406 Feminism and Literature Leonard, Suzanne Boston 3
English ENGL 523 Special Topics In Literature Musiol, Hanna Boston 3