The school library manager : surviving and thriving / Blanche Woolls and Sharon Coatney.

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Main Authors: Woolls, Blanche (Author), Coatney, Sharon (Author)
Format: Book
Published: Santa Barbara, California : Libraries Unlimited, [2018]
Edition:Sixth edition.
Series:Library and information science text series.
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100 1 |a Woolls, Blanche,  |e author.  |0 n 2013062305 
240 1 0 |a School library media manager 
245 1 4 |a The school library manager :  |b surviving and thriving /  |c Blanche Woolls and Sharon Coatney. 
250 |a Sixth edition. 
264 1 |a Santa Barbara, California :  |b Libraries Unlimited,  |c [2018] 
300 |a xvi, 269 pages ;  |c 26 cm. 
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490 1 |a Library and information science text series 
500 |a Edition statement from cover. 
500 |a Includes companion website with additional resources, tools, tips, key questions and discussion prompts. 
504 |a Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0 0 |g Part I.  |t In the beginning.  |g 1.  |t Becoming a school librarian.  |t A day in the life of an elementary school librarian --  |t A day in the life of a middle school librarian --  |t A day in the life of a high school librarian --  |t School librarian competencies --  |t Choosing a school library education program --  |g 2.  |t From then to now.  |t History of education in the United States --  |t The education environment today --  |t Challenges to traditional education --  |t Distance education --  |t History of school libraries in the United States --  |t The school library environment today --  |g 3.  |t Going to work.  |t License/credential to practice --  |t How to find a job --  |t Interviewing for the position --  |t Coping with reality --  |t Managing a district with only aides or volunteers --  |g Part II.  |t Going to work.  |g 4.  |t Beginning the job. Determining district administrative practice --  |t The school librarian in the school --  |t Facility factors --  |t Digital resources --  |t The online public access catalog (OPAC) --  |t Human factors --  |t Collection factors --  |t When students arrive --  |g 5.  |t The education program.  |t Reading --  |t Ready access to a good book helps improve reading skills --  |t Commercial reading incentive and software programs --  |t Sharing reading a curriculum research --  |t The education program and the curriculum --  |t Analyzing teaching methods --  |t Helping improve teacher assignments --  |t Understanding the learner --  |t Understanding curriculum --  |t The school librarian as teacher --  |t Teaching all kinds of literacy --  |t Inquiry learning --  |t The school librarian in the classroom --  |t The school library as classroom --  |t Makerspaces --  |t Awareness for teachers and administrators --  |t Improving the curriculum --  |g 6.  |t Assessment and evaluation.  |t Quantitative and qualitative measures --  |t Deciding what to measure --  |t Assessment and evaluation beyond standards --  |t Evaluation as an awareness devices --  |t Evaluation as a management device --  |t Evaluation to assess value --  |t Assessing student learning --  |t After the first year --  |t The continuing need for more research --  |g 7.  |t The business side of management.  |t Policy statement and needs assessment --  |t Objectives --  |t Organizing --  |t Systematic feedback and adjustments --  |t Planning for extended projects --  |t Scheduling the school library --  |t Electronic calendars and daily plan books --  |t Budget --  |t The fiscal year --  |t Acquiring resources : the purchasing process --  |t Cost accountability and the school librarian --  |t Writing proposals to expand programs --  |g 8.  |t Library spaces and contents.  |t The library space --  |t Rearranging facilities --  |t Remodeling the facility --  |t Planning new facilities --  |t Moving a school library --  |t Housing the collection --  |g 9.  |t Information resource management.  |t Creating a collection development policy --  |t What to do in case of a challenge --  |t Protections for privacy/intellectual freedom --  |t Defending the right to access information --  |t Policies regarding the ethical use of information --  |t Preservation and archival functions --  |t Building and maintaining the resource collection --  |g 10.  |t Managing personnel.  |t The library advisory committee --  |t Analyzing your leadership style --  |t Library staff --  |t Standards of performance --  |t Hiring staff --  |t Practicum students --  |t Support staff in the library --  |t Students and the library --  |t Teachers and the library --  |t Administrators and the library --  |t Parents and the library --  |t Friends of the library --  |t The community and the library --  |t Relationships with other types of libraries --  |g Part III.  |t Keeping up.  |g 11.  |t Leading through technology.  |t Infrastructure and access --  |t The school librarian and technology --  |t Willingness to change --  |t The tech squad --  |t Building the technology plan --  |t Thinking about software --  |t The challenges of social networking --  |t Keeping up with technology --  |t Level of impact --  |t Micro documentation of impact --  |t It's not going away --  |g 12.  |t Professional development.  |t Personal learning networks (PLNs) --  |t Professional learning communities (PLCs) --  |t Planning professional development --  |t Professional development for the school librarian --  |t MOOCs --  |t Webinars --  |t Workshops and institutes --  |t Professional associations --  |g 13.  |t Advocacy.  |t Changing perceptions --  |t Marketing --  |t What to market --  |t How to market --  |t Promotion --  |t Preparing presentations --  |t Advocacy to activism --  |t School librarians and the political process --  |t School librarians as politicians --  |t School librarians : advocating in the global community --  |g 14.  |t The future.  |t How fast everything changes --  |t Maintaining a school library program that is appropriate --  |t The school librarian as leader --  |t Gathering support --  |t Not jumping onto every bandwagon --  |t The future --  |t Place --  |t Content --  |t Lifelong learning --  |t Survival --  |g Appendices.  |t Sample letter of application --  |t Questionnaire --  |t List of research resources --  |t Presentation of a five-year long-range plan --  |t Publications list --  |t Sample budget --  |t Volunteers --  |t Writing a technology plan --  |t Article for the Los Angeles Times --  |t Sample letter to legislator --  |t 50 ways. 
650 0 |a School libraries  |z United States  |x Administration.  |0 sh2010111982 
700 1 |a Coatney, Sharon,  |e author.  |0 n 2007090535 
776 0 8 |i Online version:  |a Woolls, Blanche.  |t School library manager.  |b Sixth edition.  |d Santa Barbara, California : Libraries Unlimited, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, [2018]  |z 9781440852572  |w (DLC) 2017047351 
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