Critical race theory : the cutting edge / edited by Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic.

"Critical Race Theory has become a dynamic, eclectic, and growing movement in the study of law. With this third edition of Critical Race Theory, editors Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic have created a reader for the twenty-first century-one that shakes up the legal academy, questions comforta...

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Main Authors: Delgado, Richard (Editor), Stefancic, Jean (Editor)
Format: eBook
Published: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : Temple University Press, [2013]
Edition:Third edition.
Table of Contents:
  • PART I. CRITIQUE OF LIBERALISM. After We're Gone : Prudent Speculations on America in a Postracial Epoch / Derrick A. Bell, Jr.
  • The Chronicles, My Grandfather's Stories, and Immigration Law : The Slave Traders Chronicle as Racial History / Michael A. Olivas
  • The New Racial Preferences / Devon W. Carbado and Cheryl I. Harris
  • When the First Quail Calls : Multiple Consciousness as Jurisprudential Method / Mari J. Matsuda
  • A Critique of "Our Constitution is Color-Blind" / Neil Gotanda
  • Liberal McCarthyism and the Origins of Critical Race Theory / Richard Delgado
  • Forbidden Conversations on Race, Privacy, and Community / Charles R. Lawrence III
  • PART II. STORYTELLING, COUNTERSTORYTELLING, AND NAMING ONE'S OWN REALITY. Property Rights in Whiteness : Their Legal Legacy, Their Economic Costs / Derrick A. Bell, Jr.
  • Storytelling for Oppositionists and Others : A Plea for Narrative / Richard Delgado
  • The Richmond Narratives / Thomas Ross
  • Translating Yonnonidio by Precedent and Evidence : The Mashpee Indian Case / Gerald Torres and Kathryn Milun
  • Alchemical Notes : Reconstructing Ideals from Deconstructed Rights / Patricia J. Williams
  • A Furious Kinship : Critical Race Theory and the Hip-Hop Nation / Andre Douglas Pond Cummings.
  • PART III. REVISIONIST INTERPRETATIONS OF HISTORY AND CIVIL RIGHTS PROGRESS. Documents of Barbarism : The Contemporary Legacy of European Racism and Colonialism in the Narrative Traditions of Federal Indian Law / Robert A. Williams, Jr.
  • Desegregation as a Cold War Imperative / Mary L. Dudziak
  • Liberal McCarthyism : How four Radical Professors Lost Their Jobs and How Their Displacement Contributed to the Dissemination of Critical Thought / Richard Delgado
  • The "Caucasian Cloak" ; Mexican Americans and the Politics of Whiteness in the Twentieth-Century Southwest / Ariela J. Gross
  • Did the First Justice Harlan Have a Black Brother? / James W. Gordon
  • PART IV. CRITICAL UNDERSTANDINGS OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCE UNDERPINNINGS OF RACE AND RACISM. Words That Wound : A Tort Action for Racial Insults, Epithets, and Name-Calling / Richard Delgado
  • Law as Microagression / Peggy C. Davis
  • Implicit Bias, Election 2008, and the Myth of a Postracial America / Gregory S. Parks and Jeffrey J. Rachlinski
  • Trojan Horses of Race / Jerry Kang
  • Working Identity / Devon W. Carbado and Mitu Gulati
  • The Social Construction of Race / Ian F. Haney Lopez
  • Cracking the Egg : Which Came First
  • Stigma or Affirmative Action? / Angela Onwuachi-Willig, Emily Houh, and Mary Campbell.
  • Race Ipsa Loquitur : Of Reasonable Racists, Intelligent Bayesians, and Involuntary Negrophobes / Jody D. Armour
  • The New Jim Crow / Michelle Alexander
  • Racially Based Jury Nullification : Black Power in the Criminal Justice System / Paul Butler
  • Race and Self-Defense : Toward a Normative Conception of Reasonableness / Cynthia Kwei Yung Lee
  • PART VI. STRUCTURAL DETERMINISM. Serving Two Masters : Integration Ideals and Client Interests in School Desegregation Litigation / Derrick A. Bell, Jr.
  • The Id, the Ego, and Equal Protection : Reckoning with Unconscious Racism / Charles R. Lawrence III
  • Images of the Outsider in American Law and Culture : Can Free Expression Remedy Systemic Social Ills? / Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic
  • Race and the U.S.-Mexican Border : Tracing the Trajectories of Conquest / Juan F. Perea
  • PART VII. RACE, SEX, CLASS, AND THEIR INTERSECTIONS. Race and Essentialism in Feminist Legal Theory / Angela P. Harris
  • A Hair Piece : Perspectives on the Intersection of Race and Gender / Paulette M. Caldwell
  • From Practice to Theory, or What is a White Woman Anyway? / Catharine A. MacKinnon
  • The Employer Preference for the Subservient Worker and the Making of the Brown-Collar Workplace / Leticia M. Saucedo
  • PART VIII. ESSENTIALISM AND ANTIESSENTIALISM. "The Black Community," Its Lawbreakers, and a Politics of Identification / Regina Austin
  • Traces of the Master Narrative in the Story of African American-Korean American Conflict : How We Constructed "Los Angeles" / Lisa C. Ikemoto.
  • Obscuring the Importance of Race : The Implication of Making Comparison Between Racism and Sexism (or Other -Isms) / Trina Gillo and Stephanie M. Wildman
  • A House Divided : The Invisibility of the Multiracial Family / Angela Onwuachi-Willig and Jacob Willig-Onwuachi
  • PART IX. GAY-LESBIAN QUEER ISSUES. Gendered Inequality / Elvia R. Arriola
  • Sexual Politics and Social Change / Darren Lenard Hutchinson
  • Racing the Closet / Russell K. Robinson
  • PART X. BEYOND THE BLACK-WHITE BINARY. The Black-White Binary Paradigm of Race / Juan F. Perea
  • Toward an Asian American Legal Scholarship : Critical Race Theory, Poststructuralism, and Narrative Space / Robert S. Chang
  • Race and Erasure : The Salience of Race to Latinos/as / Ian F. Haney Lopez
  • Mexican Americans and Whiteness / George A. Martinez
  • A Rage Shared by Law : Post-September 11 Racial Violence as Crimes of Passion / Muneer I. Ahmad
  • In Defense of the Black-White Binary : Reclaiming a Tradition of Civil Rights Scholarship / Roy L. Brooks and Kirsten Widner
  • Racial Classification in America : Where Do We Go from Here? / Kenneth Prewitt
  • PART XI. CULTURAL NATIONALISM AND SEPARATISM. Rodrigo's Chronicle / Richard Delgado
  • Much Respect : Toward a Hip-Hop Theory of Punishment / Paul Butler
  • Legal Violence and the Chicano Movement / Ian F. Haney Lopez
  • Demise of the Talented Tenth : The Increasing Underrepresentation of Ascendant Blacks at Selective Higher Education Institutions / Kevin Brown and Jeannine Bell
  • Law as a Eurocentric Enterprise / Kenneth B. Nunn.
  • Embracing the Tar Baby : Lat-Crit Theory and the Sticky Mess of Race / Leslie G. Espinoza and Angela P. Harris
  • Our Next Race Question : The Uneasiness Between Blacks and Latinos / Jorge Klor de Alva, Earl Shorris, and Cornel West
  • Afro-Mexicans and the Chicano Movement : The Unknown Story / Tanya Kateri Hernandez
  • Beyond Racial Identity Politics : Toward a Liberation Theory for Multicultural Democracy / Manning Marable
  • Rethinking Alliances : Agency, Responsibility, and Interracial Justice / Eric K. Yamamoto
  • PART XIII. LEGAL INSTITUTIONS, CRITICAL PEDAGOGY, AND MINORITIES IN THE LAW. The Civil Rights Chronicles : The Chronicle of the DeVine Gift / Derrick A. Bell, Jr.
  • The Imperial Scholar : Reflections on a Review of Civil Rights Literature / Richard Delgado
  • Who Is Excellent? / Mari J. Matsuda
  • Complimentary Discriminiation and Complementary Discrimination in Faculty Hiring / Angela Onwuachi-Willig
  • PART XIV. CRITICAL RACE FEMINISM. Stealing Away : Black Women, Outlaw Culture, and the Rhetoric of Rights / Monica J. Evans
  • Mascaras, Trenzas, y Grenas : (Un)Masking the Self While (Un)Braiding Latina Stories and Legal Discourse / Margaret E. Montoya
  • Converging Stereotypes in Racialized Sexual Harrassment : Where the Model Minority Meets Suzie Wong / Sumi K. Cho
  • Of Woman Born : Courage and Strength to Survive in the Maquiladoras of Reynoas and Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas / Elvia Rosales Arriola.
  • PART XV. CRITICISM AND SELF-ANALYSIS. Racial Critiques of Legal Academia / Randall L. Kennedy
  • Derrick Bell
  • Race and Class : The Dilemma of Liberal Reform / Alan D. Freeman
  • Telling STories out of School : An Essay on Legal Narratives / Daniel A. Farber and Suzanna Sherry
  • A Systemic Analysis of Affirmative Action in American Law Schools / Richard H. Sander
  • PART XVI. CRITICAL RACE PRAXIS. Fidelity to Community : A Defense of Community Lawyering / Anthony V. Alfieri
  • The Work We Know So Little About / Gerald P. Lopez
  • Making the Invisible Visible : The Garment Industry's Dirty Laundry / Julie A. Su
  • Vampires Anonymous and Critical Race Practice / Robert A. Williams, Jr.
  • PART XVII. CRITICAL WHITE STUDIES. Whites by Law / Ian F. Haney Lopez
  • Innocence and Affirmative Action / Thomas Ross
  • Language and Silence : Making Systems of Privilege Visible / Stephanie M. Wildman with Adrienne D. Davis
  • White Latinos / Ian F. Haney Lopez
  • Rodrigo's Portent : California and the Coming Neocolonial Order / Richard Delgado.