Fundamentals of government information : mining, finding, evaluating, and using government resources / Cassandra J. Hartnett, Andrea L. Sevetson, Eric J. Forte.

"Government data and resources are uniquely useful to researchers and other library users. But without a roadmap, sifting through the sheer quantity of information to find the right answers is foolhardy. The first edition of this text is well established as an essential navigational tool for bo...

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Main Authors: Forte, Eric J., 1967- (Author), Hartnett, Cassandra J., 1964- (Author), Sevetson, Andrea (Author)
Format: Book
Published: Chicago : ALA Neal-Schuman, an imprint of the American Library Association, 2016.
Edition:Second edition.
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100 1 |a Forte, Eric J.,  |d 1967-  |e author. 
245 1 0 |a Fundamentals of government information :  |b mining, finding, evaluating, and using government resources /  |c Cassandra J. Hartnett, Andrea L. Sevetson, Eric J. Forte. 
250 |a Second edition. 
264 1 |a Chicago :  |b ALA Neal-Schuman, an imprint of the American Library Association,  |c 2016. 
300 |a xxvii, 424 pages ;  |c 26 cm 
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504 |a Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0 |a Preface / Cassandra Hartnett and Andrea Sevetson -- pt. I. Overview of key government information resources -- 1. The people's information / Eric Forte -- Issues in government information -- History of government information -- Depository libraries and 20th-century government information before the Web -- State depository libraries and international government information -- Classification of government documents -- Government information in the Web era -- 2, How to think like a government documents librarian / Andrea Sevetson -- Reference interview strategies -- Research strategies -- Search engines -- Catalogs and collections -- Agency websites and publication lists -- Depository library programs -- Other help -- Citation and style manuals -- 3. Congressional publications / Cassandra Hartnett -- Congress and its structure -- Legislative process and publications -- Bills and resolutions -- Records of committee meetings : hearings -- Research reports -- Committee reports -- The US Congressional Serial Set : reports, documents, etc. -- The Congressional Record -- C-SPAN and video proceedings -- Calendars, journals, and statistics -- Guides and indexes -- 4. Introduction to law / Eric Forte and Peggy Roebuck Jarrett -- The kinds of law -- Law of states and other jurisdictions -- Primary versus secondary legal resources -- Law libraries -- 5. Public laws and the U.S. code / Peggy Roebuck Jarrett -- Public laws -- Compilation of statutory law : United States statutes at large -- Codification of statutory law : The United States Code -- State laws and codes -- Digital authentication -- 
505 0 |a 6. Regulations / Cassandra Hartnett -- Unified Regulatory Agenda and -- The regulatory process -- The Federal Register and -- The Code of Federal Regulations -- e-CFR -- The List of CFR Sections Affected, or LSA -- E-rulemaking : the perennial hope for efficiency and transparency -- Exploring agency websites for regulatory content -- State and local codes -- Recommended sources of additional information -- Regulatory awareness projects -- 7. Case law and the Judicial Branch / Peggy Roebuck Jarrett -- The court system -- Publication of opinions -- Print reporters -- Case citations -- Elements of a case -- Updating -- Finding case law -- Free Case Law Online -- USCOURTS on FDsys -- The United States Supreme Court online -- Finding case law by subject -- Briefs, oral arguments, and PACER -- Statistics, sentencing and more -- 8. The President / Andrea Sevetson -- Presidential documents -- Public papers and speeches -- Executively controlled documents -- Official papers-- Personal papers -- Controversies -- Ownership of presidential documents -- (Weekly) Compilation of presidential documents -- Immigration -- Presidential libraries -- Sources for speeches and publications from the Executive Office -- State of the Union, Inaugural Address, vetoes, and more -- Treaties -- 
505 0 |a pt. II. Government information in focus -- 9. The Executive Branch / Cassandra Hartnett -- Publications of Executive Branch agencies -- How to find Executive Branch documents -- CIS Index to U.s. Executive Branch documents and other resources -- Spotlight on selected federal agencies and departments -- Executive Office of the President, OMB, and the budget -- Commerce Department -- Defense Department -- State Department -- Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) and the Joint Publications Research Service (JPRS) -- 10. Statistical information / Amy West and Eric Forte -- Who collects data? -- How statistics are gathered -- How statistical data is compiled : microdata -- Statistical programs of the United States Government -- The 13 primary statistical agencies -- Bureau of Justice Statistics -- Bureau of Labor Statistics -- Bureau of Transportation Statistics -- Census Bureau -- Economic Research Service -- National Agricultural Statistic Service -- Bureau of Economic Analysis -- Energy Information Administration -- National Center for Education Statistics -- National Center for Health Statistics -- Internal Revenue Service -- Office of Research, Evaluation and Statistics -- National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics -- Recommended strategies for finding US Government statistical information -- 11. Health information / Ann Glusker -- The National Institutes of Health and the National Library of Medicine : centuries of progress -- Where does health information come from? -- Federal resources and organizations -- State, local tribal, and international resources -- Indicator websites and additional sources -- A word on consumer health and health literacy -- Health information case study : The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act -- 12. Education information / Susan Edwards -- Government involvement in education -- State sources -- Federal collection and dissemination of information -- Congress and higher education -- The Supreme Court and education -- Federal education legislation -- Education resources -- -- ERIC -- Statistics -- Statistical sources -- National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) -- Digest of Education Statistics -- American FactFinder -- Education Demographic and Geographic Estimates (EDGE) -- Public School system finances -- National Assessment of Educational Progress -- State Education Date Profiles -- Common Core of Data (CCD) -- State Contacts and Information -- IPEDS : Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System -- Historical Statistics -- Emerging trends in education research -- Open Access -- 
505 0 |a 13. Scientific and technical information / Kathryn Tallman -- Open government initiatives and scientific and technical information -- Access to scientific and technical information -- Standards -- Patents -- 14. Environment and energy information / Jesse Silva and Lucia Orlando -- Energy information sources -- Brief history of the Department of Energy (DOE) -- -- Statistics -- Renewable energy / energy efficiency / consumer information -- Environmental information sources -- EPA and NOAA -- Weather, climate, and climate change -- Public lands -- Recreation -- 15. Business, economic, and consumer information / Jessica Jerrit and Eric Forte -- Types of business and economic information -- Economic indicators -- Business and industry data -- Market research -- Labor -- Support for business -- Laws and regulations -- Support for consumers -- Exports and international and foreign business information -- State and local business and economic information -- 16. Census / Eric Forte, Kelly Smith, and Annelise Sklar -- The census in the Constitution -- Census privacy -- Conducting the census -- Census content -- Statistical sampling -- Census controversies -- Census geography -- Census publications -- 17. Patents, trademarks, and intellectual property / Martin Wallace -- Granted patents and pending patent applications -- Patent families -- Trademark registration certificates and applications -- 18. Historical and archival information / Cassandra Hartnett -- Archives, museums, libraries : distinctions are fading -- Historical biographical information -- Genealogy -- Directories -- Requesting government records using FOIA and the Privacy Act -- More FOIA agencies, projects, and products. 
520 |a "Government data and resources are uniquely useful to researchers and other library users. But without a roadmap, sifting through the sheer quantity of information to find the right answers is foolhardy. The first edition of this text is well established as an essential navigational tool for both LIS students and professionals; now this newly revised, peer-reviewed update is even more attuned to new sources and types of government information and how best to locate them. Unmatched in its scope, this book covers such key topics as the history of government information, from its colorful beginnings to the era of Wikileaks, Edward Snowden, and data breaches; how to think like a government documents librarian in order to find information efficiently, plus other research tips; all types of law resources and information, including public laws and the U.S. Code, Case Law and the judicial branch, and regulations; Congressional literature, from bills and committee hearings to the U.S. Congressional Serial Set; patents, trademarks, and intellectual property; census data, educational information, and other statistical resources; health information, with an in-depth look at the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the trend toward and impact of online medical records; and science, environmental, and energy resources from agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. Exercises throughout the text support instruction, while the approachable and well-organized style make it ideal for day-to-day reference use"--  |c Publisher's website. 
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650 0 |a Government publications  |x Bibliography  |x Methodology. 
700 1 |a Hartnett, Cassandra J.,  |d 1964-  |e author. 
700 1 |a Sevetson, Andrea,  |e author. 
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