Archives, documentation, and institutions of social memory : essays from the Sawyer Seminar / edited by Francis X. Blouin Jr. and William G. Rosenberg.

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Other Authors: Blouin, Francis X., Rosenberg, William G.
Format: Book
Published: Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, [2006]
Table of Contents:
  • "Something she called a fever" : Michelet, Derrida, and dust (or, In the archives with Michelet and Derrida) / Carolyn Steedman
  • The problem of publicité in the archives of Second Empire France / Jennifer S. Milligan
  • Not dragon at the gate but research partner : the reference archivist as mediator / Kathleen Marquis
  • Between veneration and loathing : loving and hating documents / James M. O'Toole
  • Archiving/architecture / Kent Kleinman
  • "Records of simple truth and precision" : photography, archives, and the illusion of control / Joan M. Schwartz
  • Out of the closet and into the archives? : German Jewish papers / Atina Grossmann
  • German Jewish archives in Berlin and New York : three generations after the fact / Frank Mecklenburg
  • Medieval archivists as authors : social memory and archival memory / Patrick Geary
  • The question of access : the right to social memory versus the right to social oblivion / Inge Bundsgaard
  • Past imperfect (l'imparfait) : mediating meaning in archives of art / Nancy Ruth Bartlett
  • An artifact by any other name : digital surrogates of medieval manuscripts / Stephen G. Nichols
  • The panoptical archive / Eric Ketelaar
  • Archival representation / Elizabeth Yakel
  • Remembering the future: appraisal of records and the role of archives in constructing social memory / Terry Cook
  • Creating a national information system in a federal environment : some thoughts on the Canadian Archival Information Network / Laura Millar
  • Archives, heritage, and history / David Lowenthal
  • How privatization turned Britain's red telephone kiosk into an archive of the welfare state / Patrick Wright
  • Archives : particles of memory or more? / Joan van Albada
  • Lookin' for a home : independent oral history archives in Italy / Alessandro Portelli
  • The public controversy over the Kennedy Memorabilia Project / Robert M. Adler
  • Classified federal records and the end of the Cold War : the experience of the Assassination Records Review Board / William L. Joyce
  • "Just a car" : the Kennedy car, the Lincoln chair, and the study of objects / Judith E. Endelman
  • Memories of colonization : commemoration, preservation, and erasure in an African archive / Frederick Cooper
  • Colonial archives and the arts of governance : on the content in the form / Ann Laura Stoler
  • The provincial archive as a place of memory : confronting oral and written sources on the role of former slaves in the Cuban War of Independence (1895-98) / Rebecca J. Scott
  • Maroons in the archives : the uses of the past in the French Caribbean / Laurent Dubois
  • Redemption's archive : remembering the future in a revolutionary past / Paul K. Eiss
  • Documenting South Africa's liberation movements : engaging the archives at the University of Fort Hare / Brian Williams and William K. Wallach
  • "The gift of one generation to another" : the real thing for the Pepsi Generation / Ian E. Wilson
  • Social history, public sphere, and national narratives : the social origins of Valencian regional imaginary in nineteenth-century Spain / Mónica Burguera
  • The influence of politics on the shaping of the memory of states in western Europe (France) / Paule René-Bazin
  • The role of the Swiss Federal Archives during recent politico-historical events and crises / Christoph Graf
  • Television archives and the making of collective memory : Nazism and World War II in three television blockbusters of German Public Television / Wulf Kansteiner
  • Revolution in the archives of memory : the founding of the National Diet Library in Occupied Japan / Leslie Pincus
  • The new masters of memory : libraries, archives, and museums in postcommunist Bosnia-Herzegovina / Robert J. Donia
  • Writing home in the archive : "refugee memory" and the ethnography of documentation / Penelope Papailias
  • Qing statesmen, archivists, and historians and the question of memory / Beatrice S. Bartlett
  • The role of archives in Chinese society : an examination from the perspective of access / Du Mei
  • Archives and histories in twentieth-century China / William C. Kirby
  • Archives and historical writing : the case of the Menshevik Party in 1917 / Ziva Galili
  • Russian history : is it in the archives? / Abby Smith
  • Archiving heteroglossia : writing reports and controlling mass culture under Stalin / Serhy Yekelchyk
  • Ethnicity, memory, and violence : reflections on special problems in Soviet and East European archives / Jeffrey Burds
  • Hesitations at the door to an archive catalog / Vladimir Lapin
  • The historian and the source : problems of reliability and ethics / Boris V. Ananich.