Ancient archives and archival traditions : concepts of record-keeping in the ancient world / edited by Maria Brosius.

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Other Authors: Brosius, Maria.
Format: Book
Published: Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2003.
Series:Oxford studies in ancient documents.
Table of Contents:
  • Ancient archives and concepts of record-keeping : an introduction / Maria Brosius
  • Archival record-keeping at Ebla 2400-2350 BC / Alfonso Archi
  • Archival practices at Babylonia in the Third millennium / Piotr Steinkeller
  • Private and public : the Ur-Utu archive at Sippar-Amnānum (Tell ed-Dēr) / Karel van Lerberghe
  • Archives of old Assyrian traders / Klaas R. Veenhof
  • Documents in government under the Middle Assyrian kingdom / J.N. Postgate
  • Local differences in arrangements of ration lists on Minoan Crete / Alexander Uchitel
  • 'Archives' and 'scribes' and information hierarchy in Mycenaean Greek Linear B records / Thomas Palaima
  • Reflections on neo-Assyrian archives / Frederick Mario Fales
  • Aramaic documents of the Assyrian and Achaemenid periods / Alan Millard
  • Record-keeping practices as revealed by the neo-Babylonian private archival documents / Heather D. Baker.
  • Reconstructing an archive : account and journal texts from Persepolis / Maria Brosius
  • Cuneiform archives in Hellenistic Babylonia : aspects of content and form / Joachim Oelsner
  • They did not write on clay: non-cuneiform documents and archives in Seleucid Mesopotamia / Antonio Invernizzi
  • Greek archives : from record to monument / John K. Davies
  • Tomoi synkollēsimoi / Willy Clarysse.