Handbook of contemporary families : considering the past, contemplating the future / edited by Marilyn Coleman, Lawrence H. Ganong.

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Other Authors: Coleman, Marilyn., Ganong, Lawrence H.
Format: Book
Published: Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, [2004]
Table of Contents:
  • pt. 1 Considering the past, contemplating the future : Household diversity : the starting point for healthy families in the new century / John Scanzoni
  • Alternate lifestyles today : off the family studies screen / Roger H. Rubin
  • The social and cultural construction of American childhood / Steven Mintz.
  • pt. 2 Contemporary couples : Cohabitation and family change / Judith A. Seltzer
  • Variations in marriage over time : an ecological/exchange perspective / Ronald M. Sabatelli, Karen Ripoll
  • Gay men & lesbians : the family context / Lawrence A. Kurdek
  • Ambiguous constructions : development of a childless or child-free life course / Richard Bulcroft, Jay Teachman
  • Intimate relationships in later life : current realities, future prospects / Teresa M. Cooney, Kathleen Dunne.
  • pt. 3 Gender issues in contemporary families : Jobs, marriage and parenting : working it out in dual-earner families / Maureen Perry-Jenkins, Elizabeth Turner
  • Gendered family relations : the more things change, the more they stay the same / Lori A. McGraw, Alexis J. Walker
  • Feminist visions for transforming families : desire and equality then and now / Katherine R. Allen.
  • pt. 4 Raising children in contemporary families : Encountering oppositions : a review of scholarship about motherhood / Susan Walzer
  • Fathering : paradoxes, contradictions and dilemmas / Scott Coltrane
  • Pathogenic-conflict families and children : what we know, what we need to know / W. Glenn Clingempeel, Eulalee Brand-Clingempeel.
  • pt. 5 Changing family structures : Divorce in social and historical context : changing scientific perspectives on children and marital dissolution / Paul R. Amato
  • Single-parent families : risks, resilience and change / Michele T. Martin, Robert E. Emery, Tara S. Peris
  • Britain's changing families / Graham Allan, Sheila Hawker, Graham Crow
  • Stepfamilies : changes and challenges / Kay Pasley, Brad S. Moorefield.
  • pt. 6 Race and ethnicity in contemporary families : Continuing research on Latino families : el pasado y el futuro / Linda Citlali Halgunseth
  • Diversity in African American families : trends and projections / M. Belinda Tucker, Saskia K. Subramanian, Angela D. James
  • Asian American families : diverse history, contemporary trends, and the future / Masako Ishii-Kuntz
  • A "seven-generation" approach to American Indian families / Walter T. Kawamoto, Tamara C. Cheshire
  • Muslim families in the United States / Bahira Sherif-Trask.
  • pt. 7 Families in society : Families and religious beliefs, practices, and communities : linkages in a diverse and dynamic cultural context / David C. Dollahite, Loren D. Marks, Michael A. Goodman
  • Family law for changing families in the new millennium / Mary Ann Mason, Mark A. Fine, Sarah Carnochan
  • Building enduring family policies in the 21st century : the past as prologue? / Karen Bogenschneider, Tom Corbett
  • The disturbing paradox of poverty in American families : what we have learned over the past four decades / Mark R. Rank.
  • pt. 8 Technology and contemporary families : Brave new families : modern health technologies and family creation / Dianne M. Bartels
  • Understanding the effects of the Internet on family life / Robert Hughes, Jr., Jason D. Hans.
  • pt. 9 Working with contemporary families : Family therapy's response to family diversity : looking back, looking forward / Leigh A. Leslie, Goldie Morton
  • Contemporary family life education : thirty years of challenge and progress / Deborah B. Gentry.