AIDS in Africa / edited by Max Essex [and others].

In the face of a grave lack of resources to fight the AIDS epidemic in Africa, practical medical education must play a critical role in curtailing the number of new cases and improving quality of care for those already infected with HIV. This comprehensive reference book addresses the unique challen...

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Other Authors: Essex, Myron.
Format: Book
Published: New York : Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, [2002]
Edition:Second edition.
Table of Contents:
  • I. Pathogenesis
  • 1. Introduction: The Etiology of AIDS / Max Essex and Souleymane Mboup
  • 2. Molecular Virology of HIV-1 / Monty Montano and Carolyn Williamson
  • 3. Immunopathogenesis of AIDS / Lynn Zijenah and David A. Katzenstein
  • 4. Effect of Genetic Variation on HIV Transmission and Progression to AIDS / Cheryl A. Winkler and Stephen J. O'Brien
  • 5. Biology of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 2 (HIV-2) / Phyllis J. Kanki, Jean-Louis Sankale and Souleymane Mboup
  • 6. Simian Immunodeficiency Viruses and the Origin of HIVs / Ousmane M. Diop, Aissatou Gueye, Ahidjo Ayouba, Eric Nerrienet, Sylvie Corbet, Philippe Mauclere, Francois Simon, Francoise Barre-Sinoussi and Michaela C. Muller-Trutwin
  • II. Detection and Monitoring of HIV Infection and Disease
  • 7. Serodiagnosis of HIV Infection / Aissatou Gueye-Ndiaye
  • 8. Molecular Diagnosis of HIV Infection / Boris Renjifo
  • 9. Monitoring HIV-1 Subtype Distribution / Francis R. Barin, Coumba Toure-Kane, Jean-Christophe Plantier and Martine Peeters
  • 10. Monitoring Viral Load / Phyllis J. Kanki and Indu Mani
  • 11. Monitoring Immune Function / Gunnel Biberfeld and Eligius Lyamuya
  • III. Epidemiology
  • 12. Epidemiology of HIV and AIDS / Peter Piot and Michael Bartos
  • 13. Transmission of HIV / Sibylle Kristensen, Moses Sinkala and Sten H. Vermund
  • 14. Role of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in HIV-Transmission / Saidi H. Kapiga and Iain W. Aitken
  • 15. Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV / Anne Willoughby
  • 16. HIV-1 Subtypes and Recombinants / Boris Renjifo and Max Essex
  • 17. Current Estimates and Projections for the Epidemic / Karen A. Stanecki and Neff Walker
  • IV. Clinical Spectrum and Treatment of HIV-Related Diseases
  • 18. Clinical Diagnosis of AIDS and HIV-Related Diseases / Churchill Lukwiya Onen
  • 19. Antiretroviral Therapy in Resource-Limited Settings / Anthony Amoroso, Charles E. Davis and Robert R. Redfield
  • 20. HIV-1 Drug Resistance / Mark A. Wainberg and Bluma G. Brenner
  • 21. Opportunistic Infections / Robert Colebunders, Patrick K. Kayembe and Ann Marie Nelson
  • 22. Tuberculosis / Renee Ridzon and Harriet Mayanga-Kizza
  • 23. HIV Infection and Cancer / Robert Newton, Freddy Sitas, Martin Dedicoat and John L. Ziegler
  • 24. Challenges and Opportunities for Nurses / Sheila D. Tlou
  • 25. Home-Based Care / Quarraisha Abdool Karim, Samuel Kalibala, Elly T. Katabira and Zena A. Stein
  • 26. Nutrition and HIV Infection / Annamaria K. Kiure, Gernard I. Msamanga and Wafaie W. Fawzi
  • 27. Access to HIV and AIDS Care / Kirthana Ramanathan, Daniel Tarantola and Richard G. Marlink
  • V. Pediatric HIV Infection and Disease
  • 28. Diagnosis of Pediatric HIV Infection / Chewe Luo and Brian Coulter
  • 29. Treatment of HIV in Children Using Antiretroviral Drugs / Gabriel M. Anabwani and Mark W. Kline
  • 30. Pediatric Opportunistic Infections / Shahin Lockman and Kenneth McIntosh
  • VI. Preventions of HIV Infection
  • 31. Male Condoms and Circumcision / Roger L. Shapiro and Saidi H. Kapiga
  • 32. Female Condoms and Microbicides / Eka Esu-Williams and Kelly Blanchard
  • 33. Behavioral Change: Goals and Means / Poloko Kebaabetswe and Kathleen F. Norr
  • 34. Voluntary Counseling and Testing / Elizabeth Marum, Carl H. Campbell, Katawa Msowoya, Augustine Barnaba and Beth Dillon
  • 35. Prevention of Perinatal Transmission of HIV / Sophie Le Coeur and Marc Lallemant
  • 36. Prevention of Breast Milk Transmission of HIV: Balancing the Benefits and the Risks / Ruth Nduati and Dorothy Mbori-Ngacha
  • 37. Postexposure Prophylaxis for Occupational Exposure and Sexual Assault / Elisabeth Bouvet, Anne Laporte and Arnaud Tarantola
  • VII. Vaccine Development
  • 38. Need for a Vaccine / Seth Berkley
  • 39. HIV Vaccines: Design and Development / Tun-Hou Lee and Vlad Novitsky
  • 40. HIV-1 Vaccine Testing, Trial Design, and Ethics / Peter B. Gilbert and Jose Esparza
  • VIII. Impact and Response
  • 41. Regional Variations in the African Epidemics / Max Essex and Souleymane Mboup
  • 42. Human Rights and HIV/AIDS / Sofia Gruskin and Miriam Maluwa
  • 43. Gender and HIV/AIDS / Sheila D. Tlou
  • 44. Orphan Crisis / Geoff Foster and Stefan Germann
  • 45. Economics of AIDS in Africa / Amar A. Hamoudi and Jeffrey D. Sachs
  • 46. International Cooperation and Mobilization / Keith E. Hansen and Debrework Zewdie.