The white image in the black mind : African-American ideas about white people, 1830-1925 / Mia Bay.

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Main Author: Bay, Mia.
Format: Book
Published: New York : Oxford University Press, 2000.
Table of Contents:
  • WHITE PEOPLE IN BLACK ETHNOLOGY: "Of one blood God created all the nations of men": African-Americans respond to the rise of ideological racism, 1789-1830
  • The Redeemer race and the angry Saxon: race, gender, and White people in antebellum Black ethnology
  • "What shall we do with the White People?": Whites in postbellum Black thought
  • THE RACIAL THOUGHT OF THE SLAVES: "Us is human flesh": race and humanity in Black folk thought
  • "Devils and good people walking de road at de same time": White people in Black folk thought
  • NEW NEGROES, NEW WHITES: BLACK RACIAL THOUGHT IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY: "A new Negro for a new century": Black racial ideology, 1900-1925.