Readings in information retrieval / edited by Karen Sparck Jones, Peter Willett.

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Other Authors: Sparck Jones, Karen, 1935-2007., Willett, Peter, 1953-
Format: Book
Published: San Francisco, Calif. : Morgan Kaufman, ©1997.
Series:Morgan Kaufmann series in multimedia information and systems.
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245 0 0 |a Readings in information retrieval /  |c edited by Karen Sparck Jones, Peter Willett. 
260 |a San Francisco, Calif. :  |b Morgan Kaufman,  |c ©1997. 
300 |a xv, 589 pages :  |b illustrations ;  |c 28 cm. 
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490 1 |a Morgan Kaufmann series in multimedia information and systems 
504 |a Includes bibliographical references and indexes. 
505 0 |t Preface --  |t Acknowledgements --  |g Ch. 1  |t Overall introduction  |g (starting p. 1) --  |g Ch. 2  |t History  |g (starting p. 9) --  |t The Thesaurus Approach to Information Retrieval  |g (starting p. 15) /  |r R. M. Needham, T. Joyce --  |t The Automatic Derivation of Information Retrieval Encodements from Machine-Readable Texts  |g (starting p. 21) /  |r H. P. Luhn --  |t Indexing and Abstracting by Association. Part I  |g (starting p. 25) /  |r L. B. Doyle --  |t On Relevance, Probabilistic Indexing and Information Retrieval  |g (starting p. 39) /  |r M. E. Maron, J. L. Kuhns --  |t The Cranfield Tests on Index Language Devices  |g (starting p. 47) /  |r C. W. Cleverdon --  |t Computer Evaluation of Indexing and Text Processing  |g (starting p. 60) /  |r G. Salton, M. E. Lesk --  |g Ch. 3  |t Key Concepts  |g (starting p. 85) --  |t The Concept of "Aboutness" in Subject Indexing  |g (starting p. 93) /  |r W. J. Hutchins --  |t The Testing of Index Language Devices  |g (starting p. 98) /  |r C. W. Cleverdon, J. Mills --  |t Thesaurus  |g (starting p. 111) /  |r D. J. Foskett --  |t Using Problem Structures for Driving Human-Computer Dialogues  |g (starting p. 135) /  |r P. J. Daniels, H. M. Brooks, N. J. Belkin --  |t Relevance: A Review of and a Framework for Thinking on the Notion in Information Science  |g (starting p. 143) /  |r T. Saracevic --  |g Ch. 4  |t Evaluation  |g (starting p. 167) --  |t A Study of Information Seeking and Retrieving. I. Background and Methodology  |g (starting p. 175) /  |r T. Saracevic, P. Kantor, A. Y. Chamis --  |t On Selecting a Measure of Retrieval Effectiveness, Part I  |g (starting p. 191) /  |r W. S. Cooper --  |t The Pragmatics of Information Retrieval Experimentation, Revisited  |g (starting p. 205) /  |r J. Tague-Sutcliffe --  |t Presenting Results of Experimental Retrieval Comparisons  |g (starting p. 217) /  |r E. M. Keen --  |t MEDLARS: Report on the Evaluation of Its Operating Efficiency  |g (starting p. 223) /  |r F. W. Lancaster --  |t The TREC Conferences  |g (starting p. 247) /  |r D. K. Harman --  |g Ch. 5  |t Models  |g (starting p. 257) --  |t Getting Beyond Boole  |g (starting p. 265) /  |r W. S. Cooper --  |t A Non-Classical Logic for Information Retrieval  |g (starting p. 268) /  |r C. J. van Rijsbergen --  |t A Vector Space Model for Automatic Indexing  |g (starting p. 273) /  |r G. Salton, A. Wong, C. S. Yang --  |t The Probability Ranking Principle in IR  |g (starting p. 281) /  |r S. E. Robertson --  |t Inference Networks for Document Retrieval  |g (starting p. 287) /  |r H. Turtle, W. B. Croft --  |t ASK for Information Retrieval. Part I. Background and Theory  |g (starting p. 299) /  |r N. J. Belkin, R. N. Oddy, H. M. Brooks --  |g Ch. 6  |t Techniques  |g (starting p. 305) --  |t An Algorithm for Suffix Stripping  |g (starting p. 313) /  |r M. F. Porter --  |t Robust Text Processing in Automated Information Retrieval  |g (starting p. 317) /  |r T. Strzalkowski --  |t Term-Weighting Approaches in Automatic Text Retrieval  |g (starting p. 323) /  |r G. Salton, C. Buckley --  |t Search Term Relevance Weighting Given Little Relevance Information  |g (starting p. 329) /  |r K. Sparck Jones --  |t Using Probabilistic Models of Document Retrieval without Relevance Information  |g (starting p. 339) /  |r W. B. Croft, D. J. Harper --  |t Some Simple Effective Approximations to the 2-Poisson Model for Probabilistic Weighted Retrieval  |g (starting p. 345) /  |r S. E. Robertson, S. Walker --  |t Improving Retrieval Performance by Relevance Feedback  |g (starting p. 355) /  |r G. Salton, C. Buckley --  |t Using Interdocument Similarity Information in Document Retrieval Systems  |g (starting p. 365) /  |r A. Griffiths, H. C. Luckhurst, P. Willett --  |g Ch. 7  |t Systems  |g (starting p. 375) --  |t The SMART and SIRE Experimental Retrieval Systems  |g (starting p. 381) /  |r G. Salton, M. J. McGill --  |t Architecture of an Expert System for Composite Document Analysis, Representation, and Retrieval  |g (starting p. 400) /  |r E. A. Fox, R. K. France --  |t User-Friendly Systems Instead of User-Friendly Front-Ends  |g (starting p. 413) /  |r D. K. Harman --  |t The Okapi Online Catalogue Research Projects  |g (starting p. 424) /  |r S. Walker --  |t TREC and TIPSTER Experiments with INQUERY  |g (starting p. 436) /  |r J. P. Callan, W. B. Croft, J. S. Broglio --  |t RUBRIC: A System for Rule-Based Information Retrieval  |g (starting p. 440) /  |r B. P. McCune, R. M. Tong, J. Dean --  |t TARGET and FREESTYLE: DIALOG and Mead Join the Relevance Ranks  |g (starting p. 446) /  |r C. Tenopir, P. Cahn --  |g Ch. 8  |t Extensions  |g (starting p. 457) --  |t A Hypertext Environment for Interacting with Large Databases  |g (starting p. 469) /  |r M. Agosti, G. Gradenigo, P. G. Marchetti --  |t Automatic Analysis, Theme Generation, and Summarization of Machine-Readable Texts  |g (starting p. 478) /  |r G. Salton, J. Allan, C. Buckley --  |t Querying Across Languages: A Dictionary-Based Approach to Multilingual Information Retrieval  |g (starting p. 484) /  |r D. A. Hull, G. Grefenstette --  |t Experiments in Spoken Document Retrieval  |g (starting p. 493) /  |r K. Sparck Jones, G. J. F. Jones, J. T. Foote --  |t Video Parsing, Retrieval and Browsing: An Integrated and Content-Based Solution  |g (starting p. 503) /  |r H. J. Zhang, C. Y. Low, S. W. Smoliar --  |t The Automatic Indexing System AIR/PHYS -- From Research to Application  |g (starting p. 513) /  |r P. Biebricher, N. Fuhr, G. Lustig --  |t A News Story Categorization System  |g (starting p. 518) /  |r P. J. Hayes, L. E. Knecht, M. J. Cellio --  |t Conceptual Information Extraction and Retrieval from Natural Language Input  |g (starting p. 527) /  |r L. F. Rau --  |t A Production Rule System for Message Summarization  |g (starting p. 534) /  |r E. Marsh, H. Hamburger, R. Grishman --  |t The Application of Linguistic Processing to Automatic Abstract Generation  |g (starting p. 538) /  |r F. C. Johnson, C. D. Paice, W. J. Black --  |g Ch. 9  |t Envoi  |g (starting p. 553) --  |t Historical Note: Information Retrieval and the Future of an Illusion  |g (starting p. 555) /  |r D. R. Swanson --  |t Author Index  |g (starting p. 563) --  |t Subject Index  |g (starting p. 567) 
650 0 |a Information retrieval. 
650 0 |a Information storage and retrieval systems. 
700 1 |a Sparck Jones, Karen,  |d 1935-2007. 
700 1 |a Willett, Peter,  |d 1953- 
830 0 |a Morgan Kaufmann series in multimedia information and systems. 
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