The Last generation : work and life in the textile mills of Lowell, Massachusetts, 1910-1960 / [edited by] Mary H. Blewett.

Contains primary source material.

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Other Authors: Blewett, Mary H.
Format: Book
Published: Amherst : University of Massachusetts Press, ©1990.
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245 0 4 |a The Last generation :  |b work and life in the textile mills of Lowell, Massachusetts, 1910-1960 /  |c [edited by] Mary H. Blewett. 
260 |a Amherst :  |b University of Massachusetts Press,  |c ©1990. 
300 |a xxii, 330 pages :  |b illustrations ;  |c 24 cm 
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504 |a Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0 |a Textile industrialization in Lowell -- The production process -- The women -- I learned right away / Valentine Chartrand, spinner -- Pinching, nicking, and tucking to make both ends meet / Grace Burk, drawing-in girl -- It wasn't difficult to learn but you didn't get paid / Martha Doherty, spinner -- My father just didn't bother too much with me / Blanche Graham, spinner -- You had to be on your toes, all the time / Lucie Cordeau, warper -- I knew my job and I knew my place / Narcissa Fantini Hodges, weaver -- I never had a job that I sat down / Mabel Delehanty Mangan, spinner -- We had to take what come / Diane Ouellette, twister -- I went there just to see what it's like / Dori Nelson, quiller -- On drawing-in, you have to be dedicated / Leona Bacon Pray, drawing-in girl -- The boys used to get away with murder! / Emma Skehan, comber -- So the help got cocky, we all got cocky / Yvonne Hoar, cloth room worker -- They used to say, if you married a mender, you were rich / Evelyn Winters, mender -- I'm not an old Greek. I don't eat bread and oil! / Jean Rouses, spinner -- The men -- That's what they used to call them : mill rats / Harry Dickenson, loom fixer -- You had to go to work early and get some money / Charles Costello, mule spinner -- I started from the bottom like everybody else / Albert Parent, weaver, loom fixer, second hand -- Like we say a big shot in the mill / John Falante, loom fixer -- I learned it myself as I went along / Albert Cote, loom fixer -- Rigging, that's the heavy work / Henry Pestana, warp rigger -- We never thought the mills would close / Arthur Morrissette, loom fixer -- Just walking up and down, trying to keep those looms going all day long is a job / Joseph Golas, weaver, smash-piecer, fixer. 
505 0 |a They used to call them efficiency men, and that was a bad name / James Simpson, time-study and cost man -- We all worked in the mill, and all in the same place / Raymond Gaillardetz, loom fixer -- How would you like to make five cents an hour more? / Sidney Muskovitz, dye house worker, carder -- I was young and strong and fast and earned twenty-five cents an hour / Henry Paradis, loom fixer -- Never screamed before; never have since / Nicholas Georgoulis, dye house worker -- I can take it; I can stand the grind / Del Chouinard, slasher -- I won the respect of all my mill people / Fred Burtt, paymaster, production manager, personnel manager -- Unions were few and far between / James Ellis, dye house worker, union organizer -- The children -- There wasn't an inch of his body that wasn't black and blue / Hubert Lafleur, auto mechanic -- They never saw the sun / Cornelia Spyropoulos Chiklis, shoe stitcher -- I'd think of my mother in those wretched mills / Ronald Bacon, salesman -- They were very, very hard on people in those days / Mary Rouses Karafelis, administrative secretary. 
520 |a Contains primary source material. 
650 0 |a Textile workers  |z Massachusetts  |z Lowell  |x History  |y 20th century  |v Sources. 
650 0 |a Textile workers  |z Massachusetts  |z Lowell  |v Interviews. 
700 1 |a Blewett, Mary H. 
776 0 8 |i Online version:  |t Last generation.  |d Amherst : University of Massachusetts Press, ©1990  |w (OCoLC)654233617 
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