Puerto Rican Americans; the meaning of migration to the mainland [by] Joseph P. Fitzpatrick.

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Main Author: Fitzpatrick, Joseph P.
Format: Book
Published: Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall [1971]
Series:Ethnic groups in American life series.
Table of Contents:
  • Old experience, New style : The Basic theme ; The Puerto Ricans ; The City of New York ; Identity
  • Dynamics of migration : Factors contributing to migration
  • The Contract farm worker program
  • Identity : The Abiding problem : Culture : Society ; Identity and community ; Cultural pluralism ; Contemporary theory ; Social or structural assimiliation
  • Prelud to uncertainty : The Island background : The Island ; Economic devlopment ; The Rise of the middle class ; The Role of religion
  • Puerto Rican community in New York City : Communities in other mainland cities
  • The Puerto Rican family : Background of the Puerto Rican family ; Structure of the Puerto Rican family ; Marriage and family in Puerto Rico: The Demographic picture ; Transition to the mainland ; Present situation of Puerto Rican families
  • The Problem of color : Designation of color in Puerto Rico ; Factors which tempered discrimination in Puerto Rico ; The Problem of color in New York ; Continuance of racial integration
  • Religion : Religious background of the island ; Puerto Rico ; Prostestantism ; Spiriutalism ; Transition to the mainland ; Protestantism on the mainland.
  • Puerto Ricans and the schools of New York City : Statistical evidence of the problem ; Involvement in the school systems ; Achievement testes ; Education and occupatin ; Compensatory education and cultural pluralism ; Bilingualism ; The Community and education
  • Special problems: Welfare
  • Special problems: Mental illness : Puerto Rican culture and mental illness ; Migration ; Mental health services and the poor
  • Special problems: Drug abuse : Identification of the problem ; Causes of drug addiction
  • The Meaning of migration.