The Black revolt: the civil rights movement, ghetto uprisings, and separatism, edited by James A. Geschwender.

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Other Authors: Geschwender, James A., 1933- (Compiler)
Format: Book
Published: Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall [1971]
Series:Prentice-Hall sociology series.
Table of Contents:
  • Preface
  • PART I: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE BLACK REVOLT: Exploration in the theory of social movements and revolutions / James A. Geschwender
  • PART II: THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT: 1. THE BACKGROUND CIRCUMSTANCES: Social change and social conflict: race relations in the United States, 1944-1964 / Robin M. Williams, Jr.
  • Social structure and the Negro revolt: an examination of some hypotheses / James A. Geschwender
  • 2. ORGANIZATIONS: The civil rights movement: momentum and organization / Kenneth B. Clark
  • Organizational structure and goal succession: a comparative analysis of the NAACP and CORE, 1964-1968 / Elliott Rudwick and August Meier
  • The defenders: a case study of an informal police organization / Harold A. Nelson
  • 3. LEADERSHIP: Negro protest leaders in a Southern community / Lewis M. Killion and Charles U. Smith
  • Subcommunity gladiatorial competition: civil rights leadership as a competitive process / Gerald A. McWorter and Robert L. Crain
  • 4. TACTICS: Negro interest group strategies / Harry A. Bailey, Jr.
  • The non-violent resistance movement against segregation / James W. Vander Zenden
  • The Southern student sit-ins: intra-group relations and community conflict / Martin Oppenheimer
  • The boycott: a Negro community in conflict / William M. Phillips, Jr.
  • 5. CHARACTERISTICS OF PARTICIPANTS: Protest participation among Southern Nero college students / John M. Orbell
  • The class and status bases of Negro student protest / Anthony M. Orum and Amy W. Orum
  • Processes of recruitment in the sit-in movement / Maurice Pinard, Jerome Kirk, and Donald Von Eschen
  • PART III: BLACK POWER: What "Black power" means to Negroes in Mississippi / Joyce Ladner
  • The political economy of Black power / Raymond S. Franklin
  • Internal colonialism and ghetto revolt / Robert Blauner
  • PART IV: GHETTO UPRISINGS: 1. TYPES OF INTERPRETATIONS: Racial disturbances as collective protest / Kurt Lang and Gladys Engel Lang
  • The Los Angeles Riot of August 1965 / Anthony Obserschall
  • Property norms and looting: their patterns in community crises / E.L. Quarantelli and Russell R. Dynes
  • Civil rights protest and riots: a disappearing distinction / James A. Geschwender
  • An index of riot diversity and some correlates / Jules J. Wanderer
  • 2. CHARACTERISTICS OF CITIES: The precipitants and underlying conditions of race riots / Stanley Lieberson and Arnold R. Silberman
  • Social and political characteristics of riot cities: a comparative view / Bryan T. Downes
  • 3. PARTICIPANTS: The Detroit Insurrection: grievance and facilitating conditions / James A. Geschwender and Benjamin D. Singer
  • Level of aspiration, discontent, and support for violence: a test of the expectation hypothesis / Raymond J. Murphy and James M. Watson
  • 4. ATTITUDES TOWARD RIOTS: Riot ideology in Los Angeles: a study of Negro attitudes / David O. Sears and T.M. Tomlinson
  • Isolation, powerlessness, and violence: a study of attitudes and participation in the Watts Riot / H. Edward Ransford
  • 5. CONTEXT AND DEVELOPMENTAL PROCESS: Black violence in the 20th century: a study in rhetoric and retaliation / August Meier and Elliott Rudwick
  • Ghetto riots and others: the faces of civil disorder in 1967 / Louis C. Goldberg
  • PART V: SEPARATISM: A contemporary revitalization movement in American race relations: the "Black Muslims" / James H. Laue
  • The making of a Black Muslim / John R. Howard
  • PART VI: THE BLACK REVOLT: RETROSPECT AND PROSPECTS: The Black revolt: retrospect and prospects.