Women of America : a history / Carol Ruth Berkin, Mary Beth Norton.

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Other Authors: Berkin, Carol., Norton, Mary Beth.
Format: Book
Published: Boston : Houghton Mifflin Co., ©1979.
Table of Contents:
  • pt. I. Introduction. Women and American history / Mary Beth Norton and Carol Ruth Berkin : The historiography of American women ; A conceptual background for current scholarship ; Recent scholarly trends ; The family context ; Women as workers ; Female friendships and organizations ; Religion ; Women and the law ; Women's education
  • 1. Women's lives transformed: demographic and family patterns in America, 1600-1970 / Robert V. Wells : Demography ; Demographic revolutions ; Demographic change and women's life cycles ; Demographic change and households ; Women's lives transformed: what does it mean?
  • pt. II. Colonial America to 1800. The myth of the Golden Age / Mary Beth Norton : Household patterns ; Women's lives outside the home ; The myth analyzed ; New issues
  • 2. A cherished spirit of independence: the life of an eighteenth- century Boston businesswoman / Mary Beth Norton : Independence in business and marriage ; Creating "useful members of society" ; The impact of the American Revolution ; The legacy of Elizabeth Murray ; Documents
  • 3. The Young Ladies Academy of Philadelphia / Ann D. Gordon : The educators ; The fair sex ; The daughters ; The young ladies ; The future ; Documents
  • 4. Equality or submersion? Feme covert status in early Pennsylvania / Marylynn Salmon : The common law and equity compared ; Rules and precedents in Pennsylvania: marriage settlements ; Property transactions ; Dower rights ; Female dependency under the law ; Documents
  • 5. Women of light / Mary Maples Dunn : The protestant view of women ; The Quaker view of women ; Women in the Friends' ministry ; The work of women's meetings ; The customs of a peculiar people ; Marriage and family ; Quaker principles and the politicization of women ; Documents
  • pt. III : Nineteenth-century America. The paradox of "women's sphere" / Mary Beth Norton : The prescriptive pitfall ; Diverse experiences ; A resolution of the paradox
  • 6. Private woman, public woman: the contradictions of Charlotte Perkins Gilman / Carol Ruth Berkin : Self images: childhood and adolescence ; Questions of friendship or marriage ; Marriage, motherhood, and collapse ; The California years ; Intellectual contributions ; The return east ; Marriage and work: resolution
  • 7. The founding of Mount Holyoke College / Kathryn Kish Sklar : Mary Lyon: The early years ; Female education in New England, 1760-1840 ; Mary Lyon's fund-raising techniques ; The influence of awakened religion ; Encouragement of female education ; The creation of a new institution ; The Buckland and Ipswich Schools ; Fund raising for Mount Holyoke
  • 8. And we are nothing but women: Irish working women in Troy / Carol Turbin : A remarkably successful women's trade union ; Women trade unionists' self-perception
  • 9. Chinese immigrant women in nineteenth-century California / Lucie Cheng Hirata : The story of Ah-choi ; The organization of prostitution ; Nineteenth-century China and methods of procurement ; Treatment in America ; Money earned by prostitutes ; Increasing number of Chinese housewives ; Other occupations of women wage laborers
  • 10. Be fruitful and multiply: origins of legal restrictions on planned parenthood in nineteenth-century America / John Paull Harper : Origins of a controversy ; A radical idea ; Popular planned parenthood ; The tightening grip of the law ; The medical crusade ; The great offensive against abortion ; The Comstock Laws.
  • pt. IV. Twentieth-century America. Not separate, not equal / Carol Ruth Berkin : What happened to feminism? ; The successful woman's revolution: myths and realities ; The impact of World War II ; The second feminist movement ; The future of American women
  • 11. From aide to organizer: the oral history of Lillian Roberts / Susan Reverby : Growing up in Chicago ; Becoming a hospital worker ; Learning to organize ; Leading New York strikes ; Reflections
  • 12. The academic prism: the new view of American women / Rosalind Rosenberg : The feminization of academe ; Women's nature becomes an issue ; Coeducation embattled ; The new psychology through women's eyes ; The second generation of women social scientists
  • 13. Woman's place is in the war: propaganda and public opinion in the United States and Germany, 1939-1945 / Leila J. Rupp : American and German propaganda for the mobilization of women ; The patriotic approach ; Governmental neglect of public attitudes ; Male fears and female attitudes ; Women in the labor force
  • 14. "A truly subversive affair": women against lynching in the twentieth-century South / Jacquelyn Dowd Hall : A different kind of suffragist ; The founding of the Anti-Lynching Association ; The organization and its members ; The central ideas ; A new dilemma ; The issue of rape ; The roots of lynching
  • 15. Tomorrow's yesterday: feminist consciousness and the future of women / Sara M. Evans : Cracks in the mold ; A new catalyst ; Visions and purposes ; Social spaces ; Role models ; Undertow of oppression ; Rebirth of feminism ; Consciousness raising ; Beyond the new left ; The future of women
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