A critical history of children's literature : a survey of children's books in English / prepared in four parts under the editorship of by Cornelia Meigs by Cornelia Meigs, Anne Thaxter Eaton, Elizabeth Nesbitt, Ruth Hill Viguers ; decorations by Vera Bock.

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Main Authors: Meigs, Cornelia, 1884-1973 (Editor), Eaton, Anne Thaxter (Author), Nesbitt, Elizabeth (Author), Viguers, Ruth Hill, 1903-1971 (Author)
Format: Book
Published: New York, New York : London : The Macmillan Company ; Collier-Macmillan Ltd., [1969]
Edition:Revised edition.
Table of Contents:
  • PART ONE: ROOTS IN THE PAST: UP TO 1840 / by Cornelia Meigs: The deepest roots: folklore, the original inheritance
  • The quickening life: Medieval tales: morality and mystery plays
  • The multiplying leaves: the printed word: Caxton, Aesop, Malory
  • "The compass of the world" : Hakluyt's Voyages, Plutarch's Lives, Foxe
  • Three tales of travel: Pilgrim's Progress, Robinson Crusoe, Gulliver's Travels
  • The Bible and the Sun: influence of Locke; John Newbery's contribution
  • The little female academy: Sarah Fielding, Sarah Trimmer, Hannah More, Mary Wollstonecraft, and others
  • Launching a century: Mary Sherwood; Fables; Charles and Mary Lamb
  • Rousseau and his companions: new influences, Thomas Day, Maria Edgworth, Walter Scott
  • Distinguished foreigners: Gesta Romanorum, Comenius, Perrault, The Arabian Nights
  • The New England Primer : spiritual literature in early America
  • Printer's ink: Isaiah Thomas, Hugh Gaine
  • Two indefatigable Americans: Samuel Goodrich, Jacob Abbott
  • "Some excellent verses for the education of youth."
  • PART TWO: WIDENING HORIZONS: 1840-1890 / by Anne Thaxter Eaton: The Victorian family / Charlotte Mary Yonge
  • A scientist, a reaiist, and a purveyer of magic: Mrs. Gatty, Mrs. Ewing, Mrs. Molesworth
  • A broader field: Castle Blair, Hans Brinker, Heidi, Tom Brown's School Days, Westward Ho!, The Water-Rabbit
  • The return of the fairy tale: The Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Dickens, William Thackeray
  • The gift of pure nonsense and pure imagination: Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, George Macdonald, Dinah Mulock, Oscar Wilde
  • The American family: Elsie Dinsmore, Lady Prudy, Five Little Peppers, Little Women
  • The field of adventure in England and America: Frederick Marryat, George Henty, Robert Lewis Stevenson, Oliver Optic, Richard H. Dana, Jules Verne
  • Illustrators who were more than illustrators: George Cruikshank, John Tenniel, Walter Crane, Randolph Caldecott, Kate Greenaway
  • New horizons: The Bodleys, Zigzag Journeys, Boy Travellers, Little Lord Fauntleroy, Tom Sawyer, Toby Tyler, Tales of a Grandfather
  • Magazines for children in the Nineteenth Century: The Children's Friend, Aunt Judy's Magazine and others in England: St. Nicholas, Youth's Companion and others in America
  • Poetry for children in the Nineteenth Century.
  • PART THREE: A RIGHTFUL HERITAGE: 1890-1920 / by Elizabeth Nesbitt: A new era: Howard Pyle
  • A rightful heritage: Folklore. classic myths, fairy books
  • A new impulse in romance: Robert Louis Stevenson
  • The great originator: Rudyard Kipling
  • Classics in miniature: Beatrix Potter
  • A landmark in fantasy: The Wind in the Willows
  • Extensions of reality: Old Mother West Wind series, David Blaize and the Blue Door, Wonderful Adventures of Nils, Peter Pan, A Little Boy Lost
  • Romance and actuality: Eliza Orne White, Laura Richards, Ralph Henry Barbour, Lucy Finch Perkins, Hamlin Garland
  • Events and people: History and biography
  • The march of the picture books: Gelett Burgess, E. Boyd Smith, Boutet de Mouvel, H. Willebeck Le Mair, Leslie Brooke
  • Poets of childhood
  • Major steps foreward: Children's rooms established in public libraries, professional education for children's libraries, literary criticismof children's books recognized in press.
  • PART FOUR: GOLDEN YEARS AND TIME OF TUMULT: 1920-1967 / by Ruth Hill Viguers: Childhood golden era and after: an introductory survey
  • Treasure from the past: folklore retold and newly recorded, hero tales, The Bible, Introductions to great literature
  • Worlds without boundaries: literary fairy tales an fantasy
  • Quests, survival, and the romance of history: adventure tales and historical fiction
  • Adventures in the New World: American historical and period stories
  • Backgrounds of understanding: history, geography, travel
  • One world in children's books: storiies of other lands and people
  • Experiences to share: modern realistic stories, family stories, social trends
  • Companions on the road: biogrraphy
  • The world around us: books of facts and information
  • The artist as storyteller: picture books
  • Poetry
  • Looking ahead,